Shani Stephens

Shani Stephens


Shani Stephens writer and executive producer of her autobiographical film, A Sub In The Brick City was born in East Orange, New Jersey  to parents who met during the Black Arts Movement in the 1970’s. Her mother as a  teenager was a conscious and controversial writer and poet under the direction of the late famed writer and poet Amiri Baraka. As a young child Ms. Stephens often visited her father’s classrooms in Newark ,NJ and one day herself against her father’s advice taught as a substitute teacher in some of the roughest and toughest schools in Newark, NJ better known as The Brick City. Ms.Stephens became disappointed by witnessing dysfunctional classrooms and teachers and decided to write the candid A Sub In The Brick City, the most shocking film exposing extreme dysfunction in the Newark School System. It is the short film that some don’t want others to know about. In addition Ms.Stephens exposes that during her teaching days that at night she was a victim of domestic violence. Ms. Stephens’s hope is that the film will create opportunities for better and safer education in the Newark school system and all school systems. She also chose to be the voice and platform for not being silent about domestic violence. A Sub In The Brick City features actress Taral Hicks who starred in A Bronx Tale and Belly and actress Tina Jetter.

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