Tina Jetter

Tina Jetter


Tina has been at the acting game for many years and is not looking back, but ahead to bigger things.

As a young lady her love for acting was fostered by the idols she watched on TV and on the big screen. Yet she knew she wanted to be original and not be “cookie-cutter”. Since those early years she actually made good on her own vision. In 2004 she made her debut in the short entitled “Destiny” soon this would add to her long list of accomplishments.

Tina has done everything from TV, film and commercials. After many years of honing her skill as an actress she landed a role on the TV mini-series “Spirit Hunters-The Series” in 2013. This only would open another door in 2014 where she appeared in two TV shows “A Character’s Life” and “Deadly Devotion”.

Between the years of 2015-2016 she has been in over eight shorts and another TV series. For Tina 2017 has been a busy year with two indie films “Candles in The Wind” and “North Housing Authority” which the later featured award-winning actress, Crystal Denin Simmons. To add to her acting resume, she was just entered into Kwanzaa film festival in Harlem for her film “It’s Time… and PSA Gun Violence”. Based on her talent she also won the Umoja Young Filmmaker Award from the founder of the festival Ina Norris who is also a Producer and Playwright. Welcoming Tina on her award were dignitaries like Morocco Omari (Empire), Musa Jackson (Harlem Ambassador) and Douglas Holloway (former President of marketing with Ion Media).

Besides being a dedicated actress, she always had her eye on the bigger picture and has ventured into producing and directing. Her current project “Saving You, Saving Me” is her directorial debut which in 2015 won the Indie Gathering Sar Award for Best Feature Fantasy script. Tina, is her own driving force as she is already working on four new projects that are either in the pre-or post-production stages. This actress is on a mission to expand her talent to the masses whether it be acting, directing, producing or all three at one time. Tina Jetter an act to definitely follow.

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