Our Why

We started DUBO because we want to change the game and ultimately, the world.

One of our goals is to get as many stories heard or seen by as many people possible. We believe stories, told through movies or shows, change people. They change how people see the world, as well as how people see themselves. We focus on short films and web series because they are great ways to tell impactful stories in a short amount of time. Instead of watching one movie or show, people can watch several anywhere at any time, each one potentially affecting how they interact with the world. Simply put, if we can change one person at a time, then eventually we can change the world.

By leveraging technology, building a community of viewers, filmmakers and film festivals, and empowering each of them to encourage and support the other, we can disrupt the traditional Hollywood model and change things for the better. By giving creators the resources and support needed, they can continue to make more shows and films. By giving viewers access through streaming and mobile devices, we allow them to watch amazing stories anywhere in the world. By including film festivals, we help them promote and recognize content creators, while bringing more attention and patrons to their events. It’s a synergistic relationship that affects everyone involved and a strategy that we hope will change the game.

DUBO isn’t just another steaming service.

Unlike many other services, we promote filmmakers with profile pages and connections to their content. We allow viewers to fund the content or the creator directly on the site. We also partner with film festivals, making it easier for both filmmaker and film festival to find each other. We invite the viewer to not only watch the content, but to also fund it and attend and support film festivals in their area. Simply put, we’re not like many other platforms, nor do we wish to be. This isn’t simply about getting subscribers to a service, but rather about building a community that empowers each other to make a difference through storytelling.

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