3rd & Short – 201


3rd & Short is a weekly sports talk show with a barbershop feel, delivered in short webisodes on the DUBO Network (Digital Urban Box Office). It also features hot sports clips, interesting topics & lively banter that’s sure to keep you entertained.

This week’s episode features conversation about Big moves in Big D to possibly get Adrian Peterson, Tiger Woods return to the Masters, and former Alabama DT Johnathan Taylor’s domestic violence case on #1stDown. We offer thoughts about the MLB season beginning, Chris Paul’s low blow and new dance move courtesy of Steph Curry and the NCAA coaching carousel that has already began on #2ndDown. Lastly we offer insight on Melo’s recent decision on seating arrangements, Geno Auriemma’s take on the current state of men’s basketball and the Falcons recent penalties on #QuickSnaps. Executive Produced by Nic Nice for Nice Life Entertainment LLC & Digital Urban Box Office (DUBO).

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