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Sergi Rubio


With a filmography dating back to 1993, at a mere 15 years of age during the height of his adolescence, and having grown up as avid fan of the movie genre, his Super 8 camera has always been his mode of expression, like a pair of prescription lenses allowing him to see the world and, without question, a means to share and express it all. In an era of analog format for video, Sergi always chose to shoot in celluloid, a choice he continues to defend to this day with the arrival of digital film.

His body of work is often created with melodrama as its’ backdrop, filled with visual portraits of environment and moods, almost always without following the accepted classic structure of a script by elaborating and then assembling brief sequences like pieces to a handmade puzzle inside of which impossible romances, farewells and open endings have all proven to be recurring themes in the various works of this filmmaker.

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