Vernon (King Smij) Williams


VERNON (KING SMIJ) WILLIAMS is a Screenplay writer/director who has been in the
entertainment business for over 25 years. He started on the music business side and about 15 years ago He transitioned to the film side, first as a Production Assistant
working on sets with legendary directors like Hype Williams, Benny Boom and Director X. From there he transitioned into acting, appearing as leads in numerous commercials and landing smaller roles in films such as Notorious, Comedy Central series The Dave Chappelle Show and HBO series Boardwalk Empire to briefly name a few.

After studying the art form from both sides of the camera and working on dozens of projects, from numerous positions (I.E. director, assistant director, editor, cameraman), he recently created and completed production of his own comedy series titled Midlife Crisis. The plaudits received for the project garnered solicitations for his expertise on future projects. While in between projects, Mr. Williams teaches film classes to students eager to learn from a professional with real world experience. He also is constantly honing his skills as he is currently enrolled in an advanced directing class taught by the legendary Ron Howard.

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